Ju Schnee: Campari SECRED Gallery

13th July 2021

Presenting AR hoodies

Last month, Campari launched Campari SECRED Gallery, an exclusive art activation in Berlin to celebrate a new generation of exciting contemporary artists. Set up as part of Campari’s “Red Passion” platform for supporting international creatives, the exhibition featured works by 14 artists, including our very own Ju Schnee.

Two of Ju’s new works were on display as part of the month-long exhibition: the AR oil painting “Untamed“ and her latest sculpture, “FOLD.” In Ju’s characteristic style, both pieces explore the intersection of technology and art, through vibrant colours and unexpected shapes.

On top of exhibiting her immersive artworks, Schnee was tapped by Campari to create limited edition merchandise. A collection of pins reimagine Ju’s signature squiggle designs in pink, white and red enamel. Then there’s the hoodie – a streetwear take on her whimsical shapes that also plays with her interest in AR. An image of Ju’s looping tubes in black-and-white is embossed on the reverse, but when looked through the app Artivive, the image comes alive on your screen, transforming the image into a 3D experience. Bold crimson text is scrawled on the arms and back, commemorating the exhibition and Ju’s contribution, alongside a signature squiggle on the top right of the chest.
And, of course, for one final touch to mark the exhibition, Ju was also asked to share a recipe for her go-to Campari cocktail: Campari Amalfis. One part Campari, two parts Schweppes Bitter Lemon and a splash of grapefruit – with a twist of artistry.

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