Ju Schnee & Josephine Rais - Soundboks

8th June 2021

Limited edition speakers

Velkommen til HiFi Klubben: where the Nordics go for all things stereo; from wall-thumping subwoofers to bone-rattling home cinema systems. When the Danish brand decided to open its new Berlin store, they wanted to mark it the only way they know how – by launching cool, one-of-a-kind speaker designs.
They teamed up with Soundboks, purveyor of high-decibel festival fields and 2am house parties, who turned to two Berliners for the one-off custom grills – The Different Folk artists Ju Schnee and Josephine Rais. Check it out: Ju’s plasticine signature squiggles and Josephine’s block-tone, sun-flecked pastel illustration. Creations which mean these speakers don’t have to be pumping in order to light up a room.
These very, very limited edition Soundboks and 10 prints will be raffled off at the launch of HiFi Klubben’s new Berlin store (due to open in early June), as well as special prints of Ju’s and Josephine’s designs. It’s artwork which makes you want to finally compile that post-lockdown summer playlist: big beats and sun-kissed vibes.

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