Ju Schnee - Uniqlo

26th July 2021

Breathable art

Technical precision and conceptual art collide in interdisciplinary artist Ju Schnee’s latest commission. Leading retailer Uniqlo tapped Ju to create an installation for their Berlin flagship store to celebrate their AIRism line – a new collection of threads designed for all-day comfort, replete with innovative body temperature functions – and capture its light, effortless feel.

So, Ju created a dynamic, flowing plexiglass sculptural piece. Its transparent properties reflect the theme of air, central to the line’s identity; and she was able to manipulate the material to create folds and curves, mimicking the folds of a garment.
Working out of her Berlin studio, Ju ended up using two sheets of plexiglass – one transparent cool blue piece, and a more opaque white version – and manipulated them to stand independently on the podium. She then transformed them into a fluid form with creases and curls: folding around to almost meet, but never actually touching, leaving room for air to move through the sheets.

Even through the more opaque sheet, you can see the blue bleeding through, reflecting the lightness of the AIRism collection. In the gap between them is a plexiglass tube curved in a small arch, a nod to Ju’s signature squiggles as well as the flexibility and flow of air that the garments allow.
The result is an atmospheric sculpture that sees a typically rigid material transformed into a dynamic piece – the ultimate visual representation of the weightlessness, movement and lightness of Uniqlo’s AIRism collection.

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