New Signing: Zipeng Zhu

1st July 2021

A must-see production

Joining The Different Folk from across the pond is New York City-based illustrator, designer and animator, Zipeng Zhu.

With the aim of making every day “a Razzle Dazzle musical”, Zipeng creates explosions of colour across the page and screen.
For Zipeng, becoming the renowned artist he is today wasn’t exactly plain sailing. Growing up in China, his course was set for a career in Biochemistry. But, with a passion for manga and an eye for design, he knew he was destined for something bigger, better and more creative… And he was right.
After moving to New York City and graduating from the School of Visual Arts, Zipeng worked at two of the biggest and most respected design agencies across the globe, Pentagram and Sagmeister & Walsh—an experience that introduced him to the electricity of the creative industry and inspired him to launch his own venture, Dazzle Studio.
From here, Zipeng combines vivid colours with bold statements to create work that is unapologetically in your face. To date, his illustrative and typographic spectacles have been exhibited all over the world and been picked up by brand giants, including Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Netflix.
We’re so excited to see where Zipeng will put his colourful stamp next. If you’d like to call dibs, then we’d love to take you through next steps.

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