You're the Devil in Disguise

31st October 2020

The Devil is in the Detail

The King of Rock n Roll, Elvis is a canonic figure of musical history and an intimidating collaborator for anyone, even posthumously. Different Folk artist Jimmy Simpson took the challenge of creating an animated music video for Elvis’ classic ‘You’re the Devil in Disguise’ in his stride however, bringing the object of Elvis’ song to comical life in his signature, playful style.
Leaning into a simplified, fifties pin-up tattoo look, Jimmy’s ‘devil’ Sabrina, dances around her world with swagger, accompanied by a wicked band. Not unlike Snow White and her dwarves, except this leading lady is a blonde, so knows how to have fun! Citing classic cartoons of the 1930s, Jimmy’s inspiration is clear not only from the famous Disney film of the same era, but early slapstick Mickey Mouse clips with doe-eyed characters and settings that bop relentlessly to the tune. Dancing with bendy legs that defy skeletal structure, Sabrina seems to hand presumably Elvis, a bone as she Can Cans down the path of a graveyard, switching from the hysterically sweet world he thinks he’s in, to where she can truly be her herself - a nightclub that suspiciously resembles hell.
It’s here that viewers can see what Jimmy means by the video referencing ‘every Halloween special ever’. The cast of the bar and dance floor consists of mainstay Halloween characters, each ticked off as extras in Sabrina’s local, taking you back to the lighthearted Halloween specials of The Simpsons seasons past.
An excellent PG take on this sixties hit, like all good cartoons this video can be enjoyed with the family, running with not only the theme of the song but many contemporary’s descriptions of the Rock n Roll genre as ‘devil’s music’. Jimmy’s animation has modern audiences chuckling at the idea of this cheeky, retro, childish world being anything but corrupting.
Released just in time for Halloween, it’s great to see a woman at the heart of a frightful tale centre stage, not screaming but performing her deceitful tricks with pizzazz. You can’t help but love her for it. You might even be compelled to write a song about her…

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