Endless Takeout x ŠKODA

29th June 2021

In the driver’s seat

The Tour de France began on Saturday (26th June), with ŠKODA AUTO acting as the official main partner for the 18th year in a row. To celebrate the manufacturer’s long-standing history with international elite cycling, our very own Tal Jordan aka Endless Takeout was commissioned by Publicis to create a series of drawings for The Telegraph.
Deploying around 250 vehicles to the famed race, ŠKODA wanted to be recognised for more than its logo, but for its continuing support across the 3-week course. For Tal, this meant going behind the cars of the Tour, creating digital replicas in her uniquely life-like, beautifully detailed illustration style.
Featured throughout The Telegraph’s Tour de France special, Tal’s artwork captures both the practicality and spirit of ŠKODA’s sponsorship—from the director’s car and the yellow flag that signals the start of each stage, down to the spectators’ car and their lunchtime essentials which will have you yearning for a freshly baked baguette.
Add to this a Green Jersey cyclist riding the roof of a flag-trailed ŠKODA, and you’ve got yourself a perfect visual representation of the world’s largest cycling event… or so we think!

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