Josephine Rais x Adidas

6th October 2021

Boost Your Endorphins

Whether it’s creating a zero-gravity trainer or a 100% recyclable slider, footwear technology has come leaps and bounds. Now, adidas are taking things one step further, spreading a little happiness through their “Boost Your Endorphins” campaign.
To help engineer this happiness, The Different Folk’s Josephine Rais was commissioned once again in collaboration with the Dutch creative studio, Woodwork. This came after the success of her Mothers’ Day illustrations for the sportswear brand back in April.
With six “Endorphin” icons pinned to six different shoes, it was her job to bring them to life. Using the fluid shapes and playful motion graphics that have become so characteristic of her illustrative style, Josephine pulsed an energy through emoji-esque objects including smiley faces, ice-creams and chillies.
As Josephine’s illustrations dance across the screen, we’re reminded of what a rush of endorphins really feels like… even if it does start at our feet.

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