Josephine Rais x Adidas UK Mother's Day 2021

15th March 2021

Mum, You're Amazing

For Mother’s Day here in the UK and in the rest of Europe, The Different Folk artist Josephine Rais was commissioned by adidas to illustrate their digital campaign celebrating the work of mums during the pandemic. The aim is to show how we, the recipients of the care and work that mums do, appreciate and see how they have taken on a variety of roles at this time.
Josephine’s task was to explore what these different hats were that mums wore to keep their families happy and healthy. This can be seen in the lovingly rendered scenes of mums homeschooling, cooking, exercising and motivating. Not only have mums been making sure to look after us while under their local restrictions, but they’ve also been taking the time to don their adidas and lead by example - to fit in the time to look after themselves too.
With warm hues and punchy accent colours, Josephine’s illustrations show the variety of mums and families that have been finding ways to survive under the pandemic. It’s important in this campaign to recognise that not every family looks the same, but all of them benefit from the juggling of an amazing mum.

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