Clémence Gouy x PopSugar

5th July 2021

Pride and hotdogs

This Pride Month, online magazine PopSugar partnered with Mercedes-Benz to tell stories highlighting the importance of safe spaces. The subject of their lead Pride profile was Trixie Mattel, fearless drag queen and third season winner of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, who recently became co-owner of This Is It!, the oldest gay bar in Wisconsin.

To accompany the article – which delves into how Mattel came to find her confidence, her hopes for This Is It! as a safe haven and what Pride means to her – PopSugar asked Different Folk illustrator Clémence Gouy to design four artworks that capture Mattel’s energy.
Clémence uses her mystical, empowering style to emphasise the magic of Mattel’s presence – as well as that of Pride. In one illustration, she transforms Mattel into a modern day superhero, with the drag queen leaning out of a Mercedes as it pulls out of sherbet waves, clutching a LGBTQ+ rainbow flag fluttering in the wind. In other designs, Mattel is the star: sipping cocktails in a club, or even grilling hotdogs in her statement platinum blonde bouffant and cowboy boots.

Read the article and see Clémence’s celebratory designs at PopSugar.

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