David Oku & Hust Wilson x Freedom From

4th May 2022

When it comes to creative exploration, freedom is non-negotiable. For DDB Paris, freedom allows their creatives to think beyond traditional boundaries to curate work for their clients that truly sets them apart.

As part of their mission to inspire freedom, DDB Paris commissioned two TDF artists to create posters interpreting two different aspects of freedom — each with their own signature sway.

A playful medley of primary colours and bold linework, David Oku approaches ‘Freedom from fear’ with a disruptive composition that’s full of energy and movement. Arguably an honest visualisation of the unbound creative process – the piece celebrates the randomness of creative freedom by departing from conventions and encouraging “brave thinkers” to do the same. David plays with perspective, layers elements of varying dimensions and brings a dose of humour to work-related iconography in a vivid palette that guides the eye through a delightful maze of typography.

Muted gradient colours and gritty textures bring softness to Hust Wilson’s otherwise bold and confident typography treatment. Creating an almost galactic aesthetic, Hust’s piece ‘Freedom to be’ unites strong, purposeful, clean lines with a 3D layering effect that makes each letter feel as if it’s popping straight out of the cosmos. Retro hues, hard-outlined drop shadows and a smattering of stars finish the piece in Husts’s signature style that’s equal parts assertive and encouraging.

Tempted by typography? Check out more David Oku and Hust Wilson via their TDF artist pages.

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