Josephine Rais x Foot Locker

20th October 2022

Bringing sneakers to life

Josephine Rais’ recent collaboration with Foot Locker has cemented her reputation for bringing sneakers to life, so much so they appear to almost step off the canvas.

Keeping Foot Locker customers on their toes, the Berlin-based artist played with perception and combined sun-drenched shades with puckish poses – producing a series of illustrations with a kicked-back, captivating attitude.

Adorning the walls and windows of the shoe retailer, Josephine’s distinctive illustrations are a reminder of her talent for capturing a chilled mood, infused with a street spirit.

With one foot in the creative world and the other in the commercial space, it’s no surprise Josephine counts world-famous brands, including adidas, Samsung and LinkedIn, among her clients.

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