Josephine Rais x Freeletics

19th August 2021

Free-form fitness, made extra-fun

Picture a fitness-related image. You know the one, on magazine covers and Instagram feeds. Rippling abs. Gargantuan arms. All tiny vests and jacked chests, glumly holding a pair of 30kg dumbbells.

It’s… just a bit dull, isn’t it? That’s why when the guys at workout app Freeletics wanted to launch an ad which stands out from the muscly pack, it turned to our own Josephine Rais.

Josephine created the stills, creative production agency Artbox Amsterdam brought them to life with the help of New Motive animation studio. Sure, it may still be a topless ten-foot juggernaut doing kettlebell swings, but this guy is dynamic, bold and a whole damn lot more smiley than your average Adonis plastered across billboards.

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