Josephine Rais x LinkedIn

8th November 2021

Spelling out C-H-A-N-G-E

The world of work is rapidly changing – hopefully, for the better. But there’s a long way still to go. As part of the LinkedIn Changemaker Initiative, TDF’s Josephine Rais was invited to paint and adorn the letter ‘N’ as part of the word ‘CHANGE,’ located at the Sony Center in Berlin.
Created in collaboration with German agency Cromatics, and five other artists, each letter tackles a different issue that needs addressing in the working environment. ‘N’ represents women and equality.
In Josephine’s words: “My letter N embodies the equality of women in the working world, the demand for equal pay, equal opportunities in jobs, appreciation and recognition of competence and much more. This struggle for equality, and the various factors that contribute to it, as well as achievements, and also defeats, I have visualized in my artwork.”
Josephine adds that her personal design highlight is the ‘N’s tufted elements. Take a look, and a swipe, here.

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