Josephine Rais x The Barbican

Brutalist to playground this summer

TDF’s Josephine Rais invites everyone to bask in summer brutalism with her latest work for The Barbican Centre.

Transforming one of London’s most iconic sites of concrete architecture into a summertime playground, Josephine artfully captures the spirit of ‘London Summer’. “I wanted everyone to feel invited to The Barbican,” says Josephine, “and to be drawn in by the warmth and joy of the scenes.”

Across an array of digital assets, Josephine puts her sunshine stamp on the culture hub. Combining images of key locations at The Barbican with her cast of colourful characters, the TDF artist integrates them in unexpected ways.

“This project was particularly exciting because it allowed me to manipulate perspectives to extremes—like depicting huge characters towering over the buildings,” she tells us. “It was incredibly fun to play with scale and create a unique visual dynamic.”

Josephine starts by analysing photos and then experimenting with her compositions. “I brainstorm ideas for characters that could fit seamlessly into the scene and contribute to its narrative,” she says. “This involves considering their personalities, poses, and interactions with each other and the environment.”

Encouraged by Francis Alys' Child’s Play, currently showing at The Barbican, Josephine’s creations lean into the same essence of fun. Her characters relax by the water, lead you into the lush green conservatory and snap pics as they explore the architecture.

Creating a joyous, warm and inviting campaign, Josephine celebrates London’s two great loves: culture and drinks in the sun.

Check out more work from Josephine here.

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