Josephine Rais x Ying’nFlo in Hong Kong

14th December 2022

Think big. We mean, really big.

Travel broadens horizons. And in Josephine Rais’ everlasting sunset worlds, it’s not just a metaphor.

In bold splashes and golden hues, Josephine evokes the spirit of travel across a 30-metre mural and eight bespoke illustrations for newly-opened Hong Kong hotel, Ying’nFlo.
Launched for a new generation of urban explorers, Ying’nFlo wanted to create a fresh and exciting visual identity that conjures the magic of travel.

For TDF’s Josephine, adventure opens our eyes to the colourful joy of the everyday – a warming aesthetic that’s become her trademark. Re-immersing you in those endless summers spent with friends, Josephine’s work calls to mind halcyon times, making it the perfect fit for a hotel made for young travellers.
Playing with perspective and punctuating the scene with colour and character, Josephine creates a series of full-of-life illustrations that spill over the hotel, inside and out.

Brought to life with the help of HK Walls, the mural adorns the hotel’s exterior for an eye-catching moment in Hong Kong’s bustling Wan Chai district.
In her serotonin-boosting style, she features people strolling, skateboarding, snapping selfies and sharing memorable moments across the city in a creation that makes you feel part of the magic.

Indoors, Josephine’s individual illustrations decorate the walls and are splashed across a vending machine, a vast array of merch and even a Rais-wrapped table football.
Venture to Hong Kong and you might spot Josephine’s colourful creations swoosh past you. As part of the collaboration, her illustrations wrap around two of HK’s iconic trams–locally known as Ding Dings–and a station, bringing her bold palette and fluid designs to the city’s iconic transportation too.
Josephine flew over to add the final finesse by hand and celebrate the hotel’s grand opening. She also assisted with a tufting workshop to spread the creative magic with some of the TDF roster joining for an exhibition, including: Bernardo Henning, Vivienne Shao, Andrew Hudson, Maxime Manga, Hey Mady!, LynnieZ and Rommy González.
Get a BTS peak of Josephine’s creative process in this playful yet personal video directed by Delia Baum.
In the mood to explore? Get swept into the colourful everyday with more of Josephine’s work here.

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