Mateusz Napieralski x McDonald’s

30th June 2022

Sustainable futures

Your secret ‘9am-and-hungover’ breakfast shame, McDonald’s, has grown an eco-conscience of late. Most notably, it’s banned plastic straws.

Recently, its Canadian franchise upcycled leftover straws, turning them into plastic trays, serving as canvases for illustrations. That’s where our Mateusz Napieralski comes in. Mercifully, his brief didn’t include clowns or anthropomorphic burgers.

Rather, the focus was on the topic of a sustainable future. So, Mateusz imagined a world where technology goes hand-in-hand with nature; together, they work towards a greener tomorrow. We’re big fans of the bees, bunny and sunflower-look-alike drone.

Look through more of Mateusz’s eye-dazzling style, shapes and shades here.

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