Maxime Manga x Black Sheep Cycling

3rd November 2022

Communicating complex issues through a collision of shapes and shades.

Working in tandem with Black Sheep Cycling, Maxime Manga brought the retailer’s Man Ride Collection to life through a series of statement designs.

A sartorial contribution to a subject of huge social significance, the Different Folk artist applied his distinct skillsket to the conversation around men’s mental health. Inspired by work he previously created for the brand, the collection is typified by an array of intriguing patterns and textures.

Communicating the issue’s complexity through a collision of shapes and shades, his work features four striking jerseys and a number of limited edition casuals. Much like the narrative surrounding the topic itself, the artist’s abstract designs are ambiguous, thought-provoking and prompt crucial introspection.

Check out more of Maxime’s work here!

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