Maxime Manga x The Academy

24th February 2022

And the best illustration inspired by favourite movie genre goes to…

Known for infusing classic photography with a contemporary twist, Maxime Manga’s work is nothing short of extraordinary – and it recently captured the attention of some bonafide cinephiles. The Cameroon native was commissioned by the Academy – that's right, the very same Academy thanked in overjoyed Oscars speechesto produce an illustration inspired by his favourite movie genre.

Playing expertly to his strengths ahead of Global Movie Day, Maxime sought to deliver an aesthetic that mirrors the intrinsic qualities of the genre. “The drama portrays reality quite honestly and it’s empowering,” he explained. “This is what I seek through my creations. Use diversity to create uniqueness.” A magnetic piece of work, emboldened by vivid colours and prominent patterns, the finished product is a perfect amalgamation of Maxime Manga and movie magic.

You can check out more of Maxime’s work here.

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