Maxime Manga x Adobe

25th February 2022

Make it like Maxime

Maxime Manga’s artwork spins the ordinary into the otherworldly: a patchwork of photographs and stock imagery, layered with seemingly extraterrestrial textures and digital brushstrokes dipped into interstellar dust.
And now you can try it for yourself at home. The TDF artist has collaborated with the folks at Adobe Creative Cloud, providing a set of digital brushes for you to download and daub all over Photoshop.
Alongside his toolkit, Maxime has handily provided some insights into his creative process – and tips for you to get cracking on your first digital collage. “I’ll start by looking at the person’s eyes first,” he explains. “Trying to catch the vibe of the photo is pretty abstract, but when the eyes speak to me, then I’ll download the photo and begin.”

Read the article, deep dive into Maxime’s muse, download the brush set and get creating.

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