Maxime Manga x Columbia Records

1st February 2024

Striking a chord during BHM

Maxime Manga brought his magic to the hallowed halls of Columbia Records when he collaborated with the label in honour of Black History Month.

Commissioned to spotlight its roster of iconic Black artists during a key cultural moment, Maxime produced 45 images in truly record time.

Setting each artist’s image against shapes and surfaces that highlighted their distinct expressions, Maxime elevated the headshots of household names like Beyonce, Nelly, Pharrell Williams and Chloe X Halle.

“I had to simplify many elements of my universe in each of the creations and I love the way I achieved it,” he says of the work.

Infusing the music scene with colour, contour and characteristics unique to him, Maxime harmonised classic portraits and edgy graphics, striking a chord with millions.

“My process is, and remains, chaotic, however I love finding the common thread to ensure coherence between all the creations."

See more from Maxime here.

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