Murugiah x Empire

13th December 2021

Radioactive art

Not every Spider-Man is created equal. For every Tobey Maguire classic (Green Goblin! JJJ! Train fight!), there’s an Amazing sequel dud (More origin stories! 3hr run time! Rhino!).

You can file Murugiah’s glorious take on everyone’s favourite neighbourhood web-slinger right up there with the 90s animated Spider-Man series of Saturday morning, Live & Kicking lore. Commissioned to grace the cover of Empire Magazine’s exclusive, subscribers-only No Way Home edition, Murugiah’s illustration is a blast of comic-book colour worthy of Stan Lee himself.
If you’re not already signing up for a year’s worth of Empire (you should), you can search for a copy on eBay (good luck), or make do by checking the link – and Doc Ock’s tentacles up close – here.

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