Murugiah - Rangoli Mirrored Cosmos

22nd November 2023

Step inside the cosmos

Discover MURUGIAH's 'Rangoli Mirrored Cosmos,' a union of Western and South Asian influences, in Greenwich Peninsula as part of the London Design Festival
This vibrant immersive art Installation is inspired by the traditional Rangoli artform, and created to celebrate Diwali, the festival of light.

Combined with Murugiah’s original training as an architect, and his now unmistakeable graphic style of happy psychedelia, Rangoli Mirrored Cosmos invites interaction, play and joy.
"I am really grateful that Greenwich Peninsula has supported this work and empowered me to explore the traditions of my heritage, which I often feel disconnected from," says Murugiah. "I am also very excited to produce a large-scale public realm sculpture. As a former architect, engaging with the public on a human scale is very important to me."

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