Murugiah x Picturehouse

1st February 2024

A Vibrant Ode to Chester and Cinema

Chester Picturehouse has recently unveiled "Parade," a mural that portrays Chester's historical charm with the venue's cinematic magic. Created by TDF artist Murugiah, this artwork mirrors the city's festive spirit and architectural beauty.

A Celebration of Folklore and Film

Murugiah's creation draws on Chester's parade traditions and the iconic Rows. The mural, vibrant and whimsical, depicts a narrative where Murugiah's characters play amidst architectural marvels.

The mural is a result of Murugiah's dual expertise in both architecture and art – influenced by the Picturehouse's distinct aesthetic, seamlessly integrating itself into its cinematic environment.

The installation of the mural, led by Molly Mural's team, transformed the sketches into a grand-scale masterpiece. This event not only celebrated the mural's completion, but also marked Chester's newest artistic landmark.

Murugiah reflects on this project as a symbol of collaboration, community and a significant milestone in his artistic journey, hoping to inspire both art and film enthusiasts.

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