New Folk : Carmela Caldart

9th May 2022

New on the DF scene! Please join us in welcoming the brilliant Carmela Caldart and her cohort of characters to the The Different Folk roster.

Born in Brazil and now based in Barcelona, Carmela’s illustrative prowess is defined by bright hues and playful textures that bring her imagined individuals to life.

Of her work, Carmela says, “I strive to break down paradigms and stereotypes about bodies, portraying characters who are confident, strong, present, badass, and who take up space”. And there’s no doubt that she achieves this with total finesse.

Carmela’s work has been featured across digital and print – she’s worked with the likes of Audi and Giphy, and has been featured in Marie Claire, Taste and Refinery29 – to name a few.

Pairing delightful gritty gradients and subtly curved linework, Carmela artistry brings softness to the unmistakable power stances and piercing eye contact of her characters – who we can’t decide if we’d rather be, or be with. Either way, we’re delighted to have Carmela join us at The Different Folk.

Curious about Carmela’s creative process? Her IG is brimming with colourful inspo plus BTS of how she creates her works. See more here!

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