New Folk: Giulia Hartz

25th March 2022

We at The Different Folk are stoked to introduce the latest addition to our burgeoning roster, the great Guilia Hartz

Pink is Giulia Hartz’s favourite colour. It’s why you can expect a lot of it from TDF’s new signing: be it turning vacuum cleaners into works of art worthy of Ettore Sottsass; or bold, simple illustrations which inject humour into everyday mundanity.
Growing up on the shores of Lake Garda, Giulia studied product design at the prestigious Politecnico di Milano, before making her way to Europe’s art scene capital: Berlin. Since then, she’s added splashes of pastel blues and pinks – alongside razor-sharp taglines – to big-name brands like AEG and Tinder.
Check out Giulia’s Insta here – and check out Nokia 3310s, Furbys and Game Boys and more 90s nostalgia (graced with Giulia's pastels-and-pink illustration treatment) over here.

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