New Folk: Hey Mady!

7th September 2022

Introducing our latest signing...

Mady Marcelino honed her illustration style doing doodles during her lunch break. Now, her detail-rich, geometric-style artworks are emblazoned across Nike tees in her native Philippines.

The work of Hey Mady! often focuses on architecture, drawn in black-and-white. Her use of straight lines adds structure to the chaos of the urban environment. Drained of colour, her designs are rich in melancholia.

As a result, the eyes draw to the minutiae in Hey Mady!’s illustrations: the basketball hoop beside a sari-sari convenience store; the blazing Manila sun slowly roasting a rooftop aerial; the young couples overlooking the balconies of a city tower block.

Check out her Insta and TDF page here.

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