New Folk: Ian Woods

27th June 2024

“Be authentic, be consistent, and don’t follow trends”

“Free, raw & authentic” - the words we’d use to describe our latest addition to the roster, remix artist - Ian Woods.
As an expert in analog collages, Ian worked with Disney, Jordan, Spotify, i-D & A$AP Rocky

His inspiration came from experimenting in kindergarten (ugh, if only we all found our calling this early) layering textures, styles & patterns. Evolving his practice throughout high school, collaging in analog form, editing images digitally, experimenting with crayons, pastels, printing & cutting forms by hand before layering.
Now his process sees him layer images on top of each other, meticulously cut patterns with his exacto knife, creating a final piece that seamlessly combines them.
When working on pieces, Ian explains the importance of the base imagery being varied “my composition style becomes more interesting when the images supplied compliment the forms” expressing the importance of having a range to work with.
Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat were heavy influences in his early work. Bold and recognizable in style, Ian has created his own cult-like following on social media, collaborating with artists and creating work with high-profile names.
His obsession nowadays? Pop culture celebrities such as Rihanna, Zendaya and sports’ stars.
His motto - “Be authentic, be consistent, and don’t follow trends”

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