New Folk : Aleksandra Bokova

1st December 2022

Enter the 3D whimsical world of Aleksandra Bokova.

Born in Minsk and now residing in Rotterdam, this skilled CGI wizard brings alien environments and 3D amorphous female forms to the TDF roster.

Not one to shy away from difficult emotions, Aleks' chrome-filled fantasy lands provide the backdrop for confronting very real themes of female oppression and self-expression.
She says, “Now I want femininity to manifest itself in everything I make, allowing my worlds and my characters to be as free, funny and moody as they want by embracing their true selves”
In February 2022, she released the two-minute 3D animation:The Caterpillar Girl. The tale of a teenage girl’s metamorphosis – from the cocoon of loneliness to the freedom of self-acceptance – Aleksandra created, directed, animated and edited it all.
The short film encapsulates Aleksandra’s style: feminist, fantastical and phantasmagoric; full of candy floss-pinks and dreamscape vistas.
Step into the bubblegum vortex of Aleksandra’s making!

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