New Folk: Clémence Gouy

11th May 2021

Vibrant illustrations with deeper undertones

We’re so excited to introduce Clémence Gouy, the latest artist to join The Different Folk’s roster of global talent.
Defined by colourful visuals, mystical elements and powerful women, Clémence’s work dares to be different.
Just as her art takes on a form of fluidity, so too does her location. Self-defined as a ‘digital nomad’, she is a French illustrator and graphic designer, currently based in Amsterdam… until the next destination calls. At The Different Folk, we like to think it’s this nomadic instinct which gives each and every one of her illustrations a unique quality.
With a master's degree in Visual Communication & Graphic Design, creativity isn’t just in her academic record; it’s also in her blood, thanks to her mum. As an illustrator herself, she encouraged Clémence to try almost every art form, going way beyond the colouring books that we may all associate with our childhoods.
Clémence’s creative roots have allowed her to grow a successful career, working with some of the world’s biggest brands, like Converse, Netflix, and Nike. It’s through collaborative projects like these that she is able to deliver messages of female empowerment and body diversity. To her, art is the perfect way to push for a better world.

If you’d like Clémence to visualise your brand message, then we’d love to hear from you.

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