New Folk: Hust Wilson

27th September 2021

The A-Z of positivity

Introducing the newest artist on ‘The Different Folk’ block: Hust Wilson, who joins us from South Africa.
Offering words of wisdom and positivity, Hust’s lettering illustrations are as bold in style as they are in sentiment.

As a self-taught lettering artist and graphic designer, Hust built up his repertoire through his love of design and appetite for knowledge… and the odd YouTube tutorial. Picking up his first drawing pencil as a kid, little did he know that this determination would see him working with the likes of Adobe, Microsoft and Peloton all these years later.
With such a unique illustrative type style, it’s no wonder Hust has so many big names to his client list. His focus on colour, texture and hard shadows has allowed him to carve out a niche in bold 3D compositions—sometimes, with an African aesthetic, in ode to his hometown of Johannesburg.
Behind every piece of artwork is a message of positivity, whether it’s to “Start today”, “Go for it” or “Take a breath”. To Hust, his work exists to create positive minds before anything else. He is a strong believer in using happiness to fuel inspiration, and what better way to promote that feeling than through art?
To find creative inspiration for your next project, take a look at our full roster of contemporary illustrators. As Hust would say, you got this!

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