New Folk: Hyperthalamuscorp

14th September 2023

"I create Art as a reflection of my inner world"

TDF’s latest signing draws inspiration from the “kaleidoscope of life,” creating 3D art that spans the spectrum of hyperreal to surreal.
Siddhant Jaokar – better known as Hyperthalamuscorp – creates 3D art bursting in life, colour and visual impact. From hyper-realistic depictions of everyday objects, to abstract shapes and surreal compositions, expect a strong visual identity with astonishing detail – down to the very last pixel. Based in Mumbai, he’s worked with the likes of Lush and Adobe.

We sat down with Hyperthalamuscorp to chat about his inspiration, creative process and Gundam toys.

How would you describe your style?

Hyper-colourful, vibrant artworks that embody a dynamic fusion of my imagination and reality. I’ve explored diverse styles that range from flamboyant to sombre. I continuously refine and mould my distinct visual identity, crafting a world that reflects the essence of my creativity.

What was your creative process for the American Tourister artwork?

For the soft colour scheme, I arranged the 3D elements to evoke a gentle and soothing atmosphere. The punchy colour scheme inspired vibrant and energetic compositions, capturing spring's lively spirit. Seamlessly integrating the suitcases into the visuals was a creative challenge, but by carefully blending photographs with the artwork, I ensured they harmoniously complemented each composition.

Where does your visual inspiration come from?

I create art as a reflection of my inner world, drawing inspiration from the beauty and diversity of life. It emanates from a vast array of sources, spanning the kaleidoscope of life. Exploring comics, manga and history, art and architecture books adds depth to my visual library. Cycling in and around town is a cherished activity that helps clear my mind. Additionally, building my home lab and crafting Gundam model kits [based on the Japanese sci-fi franchise] bring immense joy.

If you had one quote that you think sums you up as a person, what would it be?

Look for what you notice, but no one else sees.

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