New Folk: Kika Klat

6th September 2021

Illustrations that speak volumes

Join us in welcoming the Polish-born, Berlin-based illustrator, Kika Klat, to The Different Folk’s pool of talent.

Wanting to draw “something pretty” for her clients, Kika’s illustrations are pretty powerful in their own right.
Kika has lent her illustrative skills to motion and editorial projects ever since leaving her job as an in-house creative to go freelance in 2020. Today, her style is defined by fluid shapes and bold colours and infused with a feminist quality—which comes through in the powerful women and diverse bodies that are framed in her illustrations.
Kika takes inspiration from the world around her, whether it’s the politics of her birthplace, Old Masters honoured in her local museum or the people she interacts with day-to-day. To her, art is on one hand something she can express herself with, but on the other, something she can hide herself behind.
When it comes to her artistic process, Kika finds solace in her sketchbook. Drawing by hand offers her the opportunity to try new techniques and new tools, and only makes her digital work bolder. For someone who didn’t draw as a child, we think it’s safe to say she’s come a long, long way.

We can’t wait to see what else Kika has up her sleeve. For your exclusive, stay in touch with us at The Different Folk.

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