New Folk : Vivienne Shao

5th October 2022

Palpable energy and powerful characters

Bubblegum pink and comic-style compositions – ‘energetic’ doesn’t even come close to capturing Vivenne Shao.

Guangzhou-born and London-based, Vivenne is the latest to join the TDF roster. Combining aesthetic inspiration from her native China with a celebration of body shapes and feminine forms, Vivienne brings a palpable energy to her characters in powerful positions and confident compositions.

From the conceptually weird and wonderful to the unmistakably comic-style creations, Vivienne’s whimsical environments burst with splashes of retro-leaning hues from cherry red to neon green. Gritty textures and light speckles imbue each piece with print-style details that bring depth and a tactile nature to her illustrations.

With campaigns from Camden Brewery and Selfridges under her belt, there’s no doubt that this TDF illustrator can bring vibrant, playful, witty works to any project ahead.

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