New Folk: Yay Abe

20th July 2021

From monumental murals to intricate illustrations

We’re so excited to welcome illustrator and creative mastermind, Russell Abrahams, to The Different Folk.

Taking on an almost childlike wonder, Russell’s illustrations are strikingly colourful, loveably playful and effortlessly nostalgic.
Based in Cape Town, Russell is a walking example of how to realise your childhood dream… Not able to remember a time when he wasn’t drawing, he transformed his passion into a career as an illustrator and the creative studio, Yay Abe.
Today, his goal is to express his unique visual language, finding a rhythm in flat graphics and fluid movements as he does it. He considers his work to be an extension of his personality, which is why we can only describe it as full of energy and able to own any space.
So far, his illustrations have been wrapped around a KFC bucket, sandwiched in a Bombay Sapphire zine, painted onto Cape Town’s concrete canvases and stretched across Africa’s largest billboard.
Whether your upcoming project is sky-high (quite literally) or just getting off of the ground, we’d love to discuss how we can rise to the challenge. Get in touch!

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