Somewan & Yay Abe x Dubai Expo

27th April 2022

Connecting Minds, Creating the Future

From new tech, to art, culture — and everything in between, The World Expo exhibition is a microcosm of excitement for what the future holds from the 190+ countries in attendance.

As part of the most recent Expo in Dubai, two TDF artists were commissioned for the future-focused event.

Somewan brought her signature style to the brief with a uniting composition and vibrant palette that spoke to the theme of ‘Health and Wellness’. Her colourful characters and clever iconography encompassed interpretations of mental health, scientific advancements and the global efforts against the pandemic. Somewan’s creation speaks sympathetically to the ways we’ve experienced health and wellness in the recent past, and brings forth a sense of strength in unity for the future.

Yay Abe was asked to create an illustration that would speak to the Expo’s many facets and features. Visualising such a diverse event in one image is no easy feat, but Yay Abe mastered it with his usual graphic finesse, signature bold linework and high-contrast palette. Illustrating conceptual ideas in an advent calendar style composition, he welcomed onlookers to delight in all the Expo had to offer — covering themes of sustainability, acceptance, unity and discovery with vibrant hues and friendly faces.

Wanna see more from these two TDF artists? You know what to do – Check out Yay Abe and Somewan here.

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