Yay Abe x C40

12th September 2022

What do LA, Seoul and Mumbai have in common? Aside from being movie-making meccas, they’re all part of the C40: a network of nearly 100 world-leading cities working to drive urgent action against the climate crisis.

The initiative asked a global collective of artists to depict what the world could look like if local, national and international leaders were united in action. TDF’s Russell Abrahams (AKA Yay Abe) of Cape Town – one of 13 African cities on the list – came up with this: a kaleidoscopic vision of sun-kissed peaks and city streets.

As Russell says, “My illustration answers the question, ‘What is it like to walk down a street in my city/town/home/region post-green recovery?’”

According to Russell’s artwork, the future actually looks bright. View some more of his designs on threads, KFC buckets and factory cooling towers here.

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